Get Involved!

Advance to Amplify holds regular industry focussed events to encourage and inform women who are actively seeking employment opportunities in growth sectors with purpose-driven companies. We are always looking for speakers, active participants and sponsors for KELSAR Circle events

For Jobseekers

Our KELSAR Circle events provide job seekers with a forum to learn more about employment opportunities and potential challenges facing women in various business sectors. 

Advance to Amplify’s events provide a space to learn. The KELSAR Circle consists of thought leaders and key professionals, who build a supportive community of “women helping women” and present networking opportunities. 

For Employers

KELSAR Circle Industry events give employers the tools they need to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Employers are key members of the Advance to Amplify network, and by supporting Advance to Amplify, they have access to qualified professional women with diverse and interesting backgrounds, actively encouraging diversity and inclusion in Switzerland. 

For Partners & Sponsors

Advance to Amplify events create a meaningful ecosystem of partners & sponsors.  These organisations support us to run our programmes for job seekers while benefiting from being part of the Advance to Amplify network. 

Interested in our industry events?

We are holding our next KELSAR circle in Summer 2022