Our offer to employers

access a talent pool of skilled & qualified talents

We offer employers the chance to accelerate their impact on diversity and inclusion along a three-phase journey. Our unique approach provides you access to a pool of skilled & qualified professional women and to share best practices and key learnings across industries.

Your employees will also have access to an extended community of peers and mentors and can decide to become a mentor for others.


The Assess phase consists of an assessment to identify current and future needs within your organization to optimize workplace readiness. 


The Advance phase enables you to take a deep dive into your skilling or upskilling needs as well as identifying future skills across industries through the dedicated events.

Portrait of a young businesswoman smiling while standing by windows in office


The last phase, Amplify, is a concrete phase, where you can recruit through branded job matching or industry influencing events, take part in the creation of a community and network of professionals and increase significant visibility within your industry.

Your Support Is a starting point to inspire others to create a Positive And
Sustainable Impact in Switzerland And Beyond!

Interested in our industry events?

We are holding our next KELSAR circle in Summer 2022