Our Story

Advance to Amplify was formed in February 2021 when six women from various industries came together to make a difference to women in the workforce.

Advance to Amplify’s goal is:

To bridge the skills gap and provided support to women who face precarious employment situations and professional growth challenges.

A woman brainstorming an idea

Collectively, we have skills in Project Management, Digital Marketing, Communications, Event Management Innovation, Digital Transformation, and the Humanitarian sectors. 

More importantly than their skills, our co-founders have a passion to make impact. Here’s why:

"Several years ago, my partner and I lost our jobs on the same day. Although this was distressing, I had a network of incredible women who guided me on my personal and professional path. I made a promise then to work to help other women"

"With two decades of experience in the events industry, I feel blessed to not have spent a single day unemployed. And yet, other women are not so lucky. I want to use my passion and knowledge to support women who find themselves in precarious employment situations.”

“As a woman in the workplace, I often needed to justify myself when I prioritized my children over my work. This was not always appreciated. However, I was lucky to find a supportive network of woman who understood and encouraged me. It is now my turn to give back.”

“It has not been easy being a woman of colour in a male dominated industry. I am blessed to come from a family of strong, courageous women that celebrate the girl-child and supported my dreams. I am here to help other women achieve theirs.”

“Throughout my 20 year career in the construction industry, I worked in an environment that encouraged me and appreciated diversity. They gave me the flexibility to be a working woman and a mother of three. Every woman deserves to work in such an inclusive and supportive environment.”

When I moved to Switzerland, I was shocked at how hard it was to find a job. No matter what I did, I either got a rejection or no response. This hit my self-confidence and I felt like I would never work again. The only support options available, I couldn’t afford. I want to ensure no woman is put in the same position.”

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